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Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.

Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.
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Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.
15-35, Geobukbawi-ro 3-gil, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun Jeollabuk-do 55440 Korea
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Yung-chun, Lee , CEO

Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.
Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.

About Us

Taepyungjuga is a traditional liquor distillery that produces liquor by "taking on honest challenge with unchanging sincerity."
Taepyungjuga, an agricultural corporation founded in December 2009, has produced a hard liquor distilled with ginseng and red ginseng. This is done by putting red ginseng with a ginseng of over 4 years old that has been grown in the clean highlands of Jinan where there is crystal clear water. This product has been supplied to the Lotte Duty-free Store at Incheon ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2012/07/27 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
Keyword fruit wine, Beverage, Alcohol, Wine, Ginseng